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Half of Americans now believe plants are the best source of protein and diners increasingly want more non-meat protein-enriched foods. How will you satisfy that demand? Made from real and simple food ingredients, non-refrigerated, shelf-stable and ready-to-eat Vegetarian Traveler® Toasted Bean Blends allow you to offer this in-demand protein as individual servings at all dayparts.

protein toppers® toasted bean blends

Our Toasted Bean Blend products offer the perfect portion control with 15-17 grams of vegan protein. Each portion offers a variety of legumes (beans and pulses) and seeds. No nuts! No Dairy! Your patrons that are looking for Plant Protein and Better-for-You options will love having the ability to customize their entree with additional protein keeping them satisfied and giving you the ability to increase your share of wallet. There are three varieties of Protein Toppers® - Toasted Bean Blends giving your customers multiple flavor options to enjoy with their meal. Certified Vegan! Non-GMO! Naturally Gluten Free!

While vegetarians and vegans are a big part of this growing interest in plant-­based proteins, analysts say they are only a small reason for it. Increasingly, younger people, particularly millennials, seeking more plant-­based meals at least once a week (“Flexitarians”). Both analysts and restaurant operators echo that finding. “When it comes to specifically seeking out plant protein, 37 percent of consumers ages 25–39 do so."

(Harris Poll)

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$39.96 per 36-packet case

Case contains 36 individual serve packets

NET WT. 1.23 oz (35g) per packet
NET WT. 44.28 oz (1260g) per case

Vegetarian Traveler® Toasted Bean Blends adds 15-17 grams of plant based protein to help complete your meal. All varieties are Vegan Certified. All Toasted Bean Blends add a mild crunch that works harmoniously in food and with very mild flavor. Packed in delicious and convenient portion controlled packaging.

Packed in a convenient 36 count bulk case, each individual serving pouch is 1.23 ounces and delivers a satisfying and delicious 15-17 grams of high quality plant protein.

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tri-soy medley

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pepita & soy-pea medley

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garbanzo & soy medley

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product serving ideas

Works in Multiple Dayparts  |  Increases Check Size  |  Targets Vegetarian and Flexitarian Customers Seeking Healthy Dining Options

For Breakfast, offer as an add-in to yogurt (dairy or non-dairy), cold or hot cereal and smoothies. Add a single serve packet of one of 3 varieties to an oatmeal, farina and other warm cereals. Stir slightly and serve a delicious cereal that now has added protein with a mild savory crunch! 

Lunch, Dinner and Snack Meal - Increase check size and offer an add-in plant protein to soups, salads, stir fries and more by adding Vegetarian Traveler as an ordering option at lunch and dinner or as a snack-meal offering.  The product pairs exceptionally well with tomato, minestrone and butternut squash soups, and any salad.  Works great for your carry out customers. They will love the convenience, the added protein and the mild savory flavor and crunch!

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