Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vegetarian Traveler®?

Vegetarian Traveler® was formed by us, Christy and Chuck. We have been vegetarians for decades and found, like many others, that eating away from home presented a challenge of getting enough protein for each meal. When attending social events, traveling, on the road, or eating at local restaurants our food choices were severely limited.  Furthermore, many families found that their teenager no longer wished to “eat anything with a face”, or lacked protein at sports meets and holiday meals. The choice was to bring and eat a protein bar, drink a protein shake, or eat some nuts. Not good enough! Today, Vegetarian Traveler® offers single serve, convenient, shelf stable vegan proteins, with simple ingredients as a protein meal add-in. You can add 15-17 grams of protein to any meal, anywhere, with Vegetarian Traveler® Toasted Bean Blend.

How do you prepare for travel?

When eating away from home (local restaurants, weddings/social events, traveling for vacation or business, visiting friends, sport meets, etc.) no need to check in advance if restaurants, social events, or vacation or business locations offer a “vegetarian” option which as we all know is usually vegetables, cheese or eggs. Yes, vegetables are good for virtually everyone but eating just those does not offer the protein we need each day.


Now imagine whenever you (and family/friends) are going to a restaurant, on a vacation or business travel, a wedding, a work lunch, sporting events, you will no longer need to prep in advance! No calls to locations, no on-line searching for the best locations that might offer something you can eat, but rather grab your favorite Vegetarian Traveler® single packet(s) of plant protein, ready to go and non-refrigerated. Simply place your convenient Vegetarian Traveler® packet in your purse, pocket, backpack or briefcase and enjoy it when you add it to any meal, anywhere.

Is Vegetarian Traveler® Vegan? (e.g. free of meat, bee honey, dairy and eggs.)

Yes, all Vegetarian Traveler® products are vegan and certified by Vegan Action.

What are the health benefits of Vegetarian Traveler®?

With 15-17 grams of vegan protein per individual serving and made with simple ingredients, Vegetarian Traveler® food has only healthy fats (but not too much), lots of fiber, and not much sodium. It comes in an easy to use, convenient package you can take anywhere and add to any meal to help you get the protein you need each day.

What about your food ingredients?

Vegetarian Traveler® is made only with ingredients that you know and your body loves. We like to vary our protein by using a variety of legumes (beans and pulses) and seeds. No Nuts! Naturally Gluten-Free.

How do you flavor your food?

Ingredients in our Toasted Bean Blends are roasted with only soybean or olive oil and seasoned with a touch of salt.

How is it convenient?

Vegetarian Traveler® is non-refrigerated, shelf stable, with simple ingredients and is offered in individual serving sizes. Simply take a single serve, easy to use packet with you for your discreet use anytime you eat away from home. Add to salads, soups, cereals, non-dairy and dairy yogurts, cottage cheese, side dishes, entrees, and more. For more use ideas visit our meal add-in ideas page.


Use at home for yourself or other family members and friends to add healthy plant- based protein to your meals. Conveniently comes in a box of single-serve packets with a choice of harmonious flavors.


We are busy working on new uses and varieties. Watch for announcements for our new vegan protein products due out in 2018!

Have a question about your recent purchase?

Here at Vegetarian Traveler your satisfaction is very important to us. For questions or concerns about your recent purchase we are here to help. Email us at:

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